7 Simple Steps to Make an Easy Monthly Budget

7 Simple Steps to Make an Easy Monthly Budget

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Ready for me to take you behind the scenes and show you my MOST SUCCESSFUL way to set up a budget you CAN and WANT to stick to?

This simple budget method works on ANY income and ENSURES there's always money for food and housing.

Plus, it gives you a step by step plan to follow each month so you know which bills get paid first and how to make steady progress on your money goals.

1 hour Online Video class that covers:

  • Why you should budget
  • Step-by-step instructions to set up a budget
  • 3 Budget examples (with different incomes)
  • What to do if you're behind on bills
  • How to close out your monthly budget and make progress on your goals. 
  • And more! 

**Bonus** Comes with the Monthly Budget Worksheets ($7 value), 5 beautiful printable PDF worksheets that makes it easy to write in your budget numbers and close it out at the end of the month. Use again and again. 

Includes a Master List of Expenses worksheet so you don't forget any expense! 

The 7 Simple Steps to Make an Easy Monthly Budget and the Monthly Budget Worksheets are digital products. You will get access instructions immediately on purchase as well as emailed to you. 

Lifetime access. 

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Looking forward to putting to work
7 Simple Steps
Being able to tell your money where to go takes all the pressure off!
I've got a plan now!
My husband and I have been sticking with our budget for over four years!
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48 reviews
Makes budgeting simple

Charissa makes budgeting easy and simplified!!

Love the variety!

This conference provided so much variety in topics and speakers. Great value too!

Excellent teachings!

Charissa has assembled an amazing group of ladies to help us on our journey of budgeting and handling our money in a way that is honoring our family and pleasing to God. I’m so glad I purchased this conference!

Great resource!

This is an excellent resource for anyone needing basic financial guidance.

Snowball Finances. Help

I had this all written out for a review ready to send I oops hit the back button ...whete did it all go? If. Here shorter version $20. Cash in my wallet emgercy...gas groceries.. Bank account o.d. charges ,Pd 3rd as no House Car insurances...online utilities, health insurances , pay quarterly Taxes (to not get stuck w/ $1200. End of year. Here's the rolling stones downfall ...pay pal, on line shopping .lesser than past year. If pillow over head... I'm good. Only the two of us here 2 Kids on their own... In their mid 40's. I'll line my debts up ...work bottom up... Was. was. Thinking about personal loan if interest is lower... For Menards 2300 and pay pal 1800.... I'm making a lower to upper list for our expenses... I've been reading The Road Map. I appreciate thus page.. I'll submit before I loose this again. Thank You ❤