Budgeting Made Easy: Thriving on Any Income e-book

Budgeting Made Easy: Thriving on Any Income e-book

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An encouraging, faith-filled, guidebook that walks you through how to live successfully on a budget and navigate all aspects of finances.

Designed with practical step-by-step actions so you can immediately implement what you've learned and change your financial future. 

Stop the paycheck cycle. Plan an attack on debt. Save money every month. Cut expenses. Tips to manage an irregular income. Emotional self-care when finances are stressful. It's all doable!

The Budgeting Made Easy: Thriving on Any Income e-book includes the following topics

  • Setting up a budget and living on a a budget
  • Saving money 
  • Paying down debt
  • Emotional side of money
  • Self-care when it comes to finances
  • How to deal with an irregular income
  • Ways to increase your income
  • How God always provides for your every need
  • And more! 

Comes with bonus worksheets.

Over 1,500 women have purchased this e-book and love it! 

Budgeting Made Easy: Thriving on Any Income e-book is a digital product. You will download the e-book immediately upon purchase and it will be also emailed to you. 

Lifetime access to any updates. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Patricia Almasy
Great resource!

This is an excellent resource for anyone needing basic financial guidance.

Diane Mobley
Charissa is brilliant!

Charissa's materials are more than 'user friendly'--I feel like I've left the perpetual 'walk of shame' about financial management to join a winning team of successful practicing home economists! Go Smart and Frugal Moms!


Budgeting Made Easy covered topics from bare bones budgeting to multiple income streams to the importance of using busy seasons to enjoy the ones less so. Charissa covered all the topics equally without getting preachy or talking down at the reader. At times this book felt like I was speaking with an older sister or mentor.

Elisa Gronlund
It was really helpful for me!

One thing about your “Budgeting Made Easy...” and the Bare Bones Budget-sheet, it was really helpful for me, because I always put food last, eat if we can.


So glad to find someone to help me with budgeting who gets me! Every one of your bullet points for people you connect the most with fit me to a T. I'm looking forward to working through your Budgeting Made Easy book.

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A must for a irregular income

Charissa gives you a easy and simple approach to those of us who doesn't have a fluctuating income. This is coming from someone who has been there. This is really a must for people with irregular incomes. I highly recommend this course.
Robin B

Confused about what you get for $37

Lots of sights to go to. Like what did I pay for and what is other products for sell?

Following the system and making strides!

I applied the information in the "Change Your Finances" program and immediately began seeing results. The step-by-step guidance is easy to follow and implement. The success already seen in just a few weeks is incredible. I highly recommend this program!