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Following the system and making strides!

I applied the information in the "Change Your Finances" program and immediately began seeing results. The step-by-step guidance is easy to follow and implement. The success already seen in just a few weeks is incredible. I highly recommend this program!

Over $2000 per month- blown away.

Over $2000 per month- blown away. I just totaled my 5 days and it’s $2319.73 per month - such good information and awareness of my horrible spending habits!!!

Thank you for this challenge

Thank you for this challenge. I turnd my heat/air completely off in the month of October. My estimated savings bill will be around 100 or more. I lower my heat to 67. I'm cold natured, but I tough it out. Unplugged lots of things when not in use. I never even thought to do this. Who knew. I plan my weekly menu and write out a grocery list. I stick to the list. I use cash to pay for my groceries. When the money is gone I can't spend anything more. I batch cook on weekends to not only save time but also money. I buy several things through a co-op in bulk. It may seem like a lot up front but in the long run it is worth it

I didn't expect to save so much

I think so, I didn't expect to save so much. I think I'll go up to $200!

Huge savings

Huge savings with auto pays on Verizon. I saved $50 per month